I think he went too far.. (read description )

Hey guys so this is slightly long but me and my fiance are at a loss. Our best friend chelsea recently left a toxic relationship and is now seeing a new guy. Her and new guy came to our home to stay over the weekend. Just a friends weekend and was supposed to be fine (which it was for the most part). The guy is super nice and claims to be very religious even though they have sex all the time and he swears like a sailor (I'm not judging bc I'm the same way). But I thought something he did wasnt very... religious or faithful so to speak.

We all decided to go to a haunted house which included a blackout maze which we spent about 30 minutes trying to get through. It began with my fiance behind me and then our two friends behind him. We all got switched up (its pitch black inside) and now her boyfriend is behind me. At first I thought he didnt realize it was me but I made sure to speak loudly and even talked to his gf so he KNEW I was in front of him, not his gf. He even turned a light on for a split second to see so I KNOW he knew it was me.

I think he took advantage of the dark room bc then he had his hands on my shoulders and was rubbing them up and down in an inappropriate way. A way you would rub your SOs shoulders trying to seduce them. He was so close to me (my back literally to his chest).

I've thought that maybe hes never been to one and it was a nervous gesture but I know I wouldnt do that to someone.. I understand holding onto someone in front of you but he was straight up rubbing the hell out of my neck and shoulders and arms. It was just too weird and it even made my fiance uncomfortable when I told him the day they left.

Am I overthinking ...? Like, I just dont think it was appropriate. I think he knew what he was doing in that pitch black room.

What ya'll think?

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