Is this a bad idea or do you think I’ll be fine?


So I am a first time mom unexpectedly. My fiancé and I had plans to get married in April 2019 and honeymoon from April 23rd to May 1st. But I am due May 29th 2019. We don’t want to cancel the vacation because we will be out $600. There’s no way to reschedule. Only to cancel and be out money. I am also high risk. Only because I was told I have a small pelvis and may not be able to push out the baby and would need a C section. Also I’d need a specialist to do it. Because I have scarring and have a stoma where my belly button is. Everything else is totally normal. So, do you think it’d still be fine to go? Or should I suck it up and cancel? Its 6 hours away from where we live. But I’m thinking I wouldn’t go into labor that early. Idk. I will definitely talk to my obgyn about it I just would like your opinion

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