Sometimes I wonder what my life would be like if I wasn’t pregnant 🤔


My 23rd birthday was yesterday and I already knew I wasn’t going to be doing anything really since I’m pregnant and saving every little bit I can for my son. But it got me thinking about how my life would’ve been if the test would’ve came out negative that day back in April🤔. I probably wouldn’t have still been in contact with my ex, and most likely working my ass off at whatever job I could find being as though it’s overtime season. I’m not saying that I regret my son, but I just think about this sometimes like I honestly feel like I’d be much happier if I’d gotten pregnant when I was much more stable in life but, there’s nothing I can do about it now, just keep pushing forward and be the best mother I can. It’s sinking in more and more the closer I get to my due’s not just me anymore literally EVERYTHING I do directly effects someone else’s well being, someone is literally counting on me for their survival. It’s a crazy ass feeling, and I’m lowkey terrified. But I’m ready for it, despite everything I’m feeling.