Anyone else?


I'm laughing as I think I'm starting to get anxious I know it sounds really weird but I'm so excited to go into labour as it's the unknown but every pain, twinge movement I go so anxious and think this could be it! I'm 36+2 and last night I experienced braxton hicks for the first time so was unsure my husband was asleep ( well I thought he was) and I sat up and was like omg it's starting and he sat up and was like are we going to the hospital haha I was like no its not painful just a weird sensation my back was aching with every contraction he nodded back of and then woke up saying he saw her face and I had to tell him he was dreaming! It just doesn't seem real I've had such a good pregnancy and now it's getting closer I think the anxiety is creeping up on me more and more with each twinge anyone else? Sorry bit long winded I'm just so excited and scatty I know this is probs normal.