Baby names?


We're not expecting yet, but currently trying for our third. We have 2 boys, and knowing how boys run in both sides of the family we will probably be blessed with another boy. Lol

Anyways I come from a separated family, beings we were separated through foster care. I don't have contact with any of my siblings due to the parents keeping them from their family. I want to incorporate two of my brothers names into my next child's name. One of my brothers took the name completley out of there name, the other one kept their first name.. So my husband wants to name our next boy Tobias, which I love. We've never talked about middle names, but I was thinking maybe Tobias Ian Alexander Chamberlain? How does everyone think that sounds, honest opinions. I won't be offended. I just really want to put my brothers names in with my next sons name because they are two of the strongest kids I know. One of my brothers names is Ethan so I figured Ian was close to that and the other ones name was Alexander, which he took compeltley out of his name. I was iffy on the Ian, but I don't want to not include one of my brothers names. If Ian doesn't sound good does anyone know anything else close to Ethan??