Advice please!

I’ve only been with my boyfriend officially for 2 months (I’ve known him for years) and we have recently just found out I’m pregnant. Prior to this I thought I was infertile as I have struggled with ovarian cyst and endometriosis like symptoms since I was 16. Haven’t been on contraception since 16 as I had such bad issues with bleeding it led to a blood transfusion. However this baby feels like a miracle. My boyfriend has two kids from from two previous relationships and I’m just worried I will end up like the other two. He is a brilliant dad and I literally couldn’t fault him so I’m not worried about that I just would never want to raise a kid on my own (I’m aware people rarely intentionally goes into a pregnancy planning to be single).. at the moment my hormones are everywhere and I’m just struggling to even be around him and if it’s like this now I dread to think what il be like in 9 months. What I’m saying is do you think this is a bad idea or am I over reacting. Please don’t judge me, just looking for honest opinions. I’m 24 and he’s 37.