Ive had sex with my boss

When i started working there my boss had a girlfriend. shed give me the dirtiest looks when she came in. At the time him and i had nothing.. She had no reason to come off like that to me. I had no desire to try to take her man, i knew my boundaries. There relationship was so toxic hed vent to me and i guess i got to know him on a personal level. They broke up after being in a relationship for 4 years . About a week after the breakup he had a get together at his house with a few other co workers, we all drank a good amount of alcohol. Him and i bumped into eachother in the hallway and i could see the desire in his eyes ...he huged me and he said ive been wainting to kiss you all week.. And we locked lips i was feeling the moment so i was kissing him back. We ended up having oral sex that night and fell asleep together in his bed. After he was very flirtatious with me even at work. We ended up going to an event that following weekend and on the car ride home we got into some kinky topics. Im in my early 20s hes in his mid 30s he asked me whats the oldest man youve ever been with .. abunch of other sexual queastions as well that led to him bringing up friends with benefits. I know he wanted me and i felt like he was using me to cope with his breakup.. But i gave in because i didnt care i was heartbroken as well from something else months before. We had sex and it was amazing everything he did was perfect. After that we had sex a few times after.. He started treating me more than a friends with benefits.. We spent most days together.. Hed take me on his motorcycle, take me to restraunts and kiss me as he held me in public.. Hand holding deep intamate talks.. But the ex started coming back into the picture..he even explained to me he misses her and would take her back if he knew shed change ...now he texts her while were together and i become a secret again. He says he has feelings for me ..but my heart hurts feeling like the other woman