Help with IBS

What are some tips anyone has learned from having this? I’m going to get my period this coming week and I’m suffering bloating, constipation, gurgling sounds of stomach and some pains. I have some distention as well. Tonight, I hanged out with my friend and we got carried away cooking rice krispe treats and eating chips and chocolate. I know i’m going to suffer for these choices. 😔 I’m scared for what’s going to come lol. Anyone have advice? I have not gone to the restroom in 2 days, which is not that long but everything adds up. I dont want to stay constipated until I actually start my period in 4 days. I’m usually late anyways too!! Plus my boobs are really tender and sore. Ugh. This is so awful. I’m thinking of just drinking peppermint tea tomorrow and literally eating nothing. I dont know and maybe some low abs workout to get something moving. I take magnesium along with probiotics but at times like this, those seem to never work. Any advice would be amazing!! Thank you!