Feeling exhausted - need tips for easy meal ideas


I’m 16 weeks + 3 and just started a new job thats kinda a lot of work lots of bending, walking, standing, moving, etc, which is totally fine but I broke my back last year in August and now I’m pregnant so back pain can be pretty bad especially now. I am also living in the back house of my moms house with my boyfriend which doesn’t have a kitchen so we have to use a portable stove/microwave/ and mini fridge until we save up enough to rent a lil studio apartment, but I am just having trouble cooking and eating enough for the baby cause I’m always so tired since I found out I was pregnant just constantly wishing I was asleep or laying in bed I just eat maybe a meal a day and a snack some days more than others but I just am not eating enough I feel so grossed out by my little house and portable kitchen it’s so hard to keep everything clean and organized having to even do our dishes in the bathtub! It’s just getting exhausting being here we are always bumping into each other i feel that I am always so stressed about our home and just wishing we could be out already. But i guess the main thing is i was looking for some tips on EASY meal ideas or snacks to help me and baby to get through the day as well as at work i truly want to be a good mother to my unborn baby but I feel I’ve been letting stress and exhaust get in the way of doing my very best. Another thing I am 19 years old and I guess I may just be feeling very overwhelmed and kinda just looking for some support I’m so incredibly happy to be having this baby boy just wishing life could be going a little smoother, well at least just not letting my self get so stressed.