Trying to get pregnant with PCOD and endometriosis, HELP!

Here is my story... After two years of irregular periods and no answers a trip to the ER revealed that I not only had an ovarian torsion but also a cyst th size of a grapefruit that was causing it. I had a bilateral cystectomy done, which at that time they thought they were going to have to take my ovary because they couldn't tell if there was any blood flow to it which luckily there was, they also found endometriosis at this time:( That all happened in Nov. And since then I have already had 2 cysts come back and rupture on that same ovary that had the torsion:( Long story short ( kind of:) Dr said it would be best for me to try and get pregnant now while my ovaries are clear and that pregnancy most often cures these problems, which my partner and I are totally ready for. I guess my biggest fear is an ectopic pregnancy and also not being able to get pregnant. The Dr seems to think I should have no problem getting pregnant. Anyone else out there who can relate or shed light on this subject??? Help!