Telling ur boss!

 I started in a new school district as a bus driver.. In where I grew up.. Anyway, being summer it's super easy. I literally for 8 hours a day drive around doing nothing .. I mean come on I grew up here..  This past Monday and Tuesday I called in ., I was just so tired .. I was called in her office today and was confronted about my attendance. I'm just kissing the 12 week mark. I finally.. Came out and told her.. Look I'm pregnant.. I was worried about a miscarriage being discriminated for being new. I sucked it up on horrid days ! Then she ( my opinion ) goes well ur single NOT married..  Ahh yes, I am and I'm also 37 years old been through a horrible marriage and divorced!! I don't need a marriage certificate to have a kid! Sorry I'm jumping to the altar.. I just let everything roll off my tongue.. I'm just worried .. Because she said I'm on probation with my attendance. I'm just not sure if I should chalk it up or per sue it later on down the line? Suggestions.. Please