Help TTC

I came off BC over a year ago now and my periods haven't regulated. I was very heavy and regular when i started 7yrs ago hence BC for around 4yrs. We've been ttc since coming off BC but no luck. I know this is not uncommon. 
The past few months we've really going for it but we now have a dilemma...
My period was due around the start of August and it hasn't turned up but I'm neither pregnant nor ovulating. What do I do? 
I went to the dr in July and she said that after a year they can testing to see why it's not happening for us but since I'm only 20 so thought that maybe another 6mnths of trying wouldn't harm. She can't help regulate my periods as only BC can do this and that defeats the point. 
So my question... What do I do? I hate bothering the dr as I always feel like I'm wasting their time. I will accept any advice as this is ttc for baby #1