LH confusion - timing on ovulation

Yesterday I had a very positive LH test and today it is still very positive.

I’ve read two different things concerning LH tests.

1. Stop testing after a positive bc ovulation will occur between 12-36 hrs after

2. Keep testing until it fades.

Does the LH stay strong throughout ovulation, stay high until the moment you ovulate, or drop before you ovulate?

I’m wondering what the benefit of continuing to test is. Is it possible I released my egg yesterday but that my LH is still high or have I not released the egg (likely) yet bcz the LH is still high?

My temp didn’t rise today- does temp rise the day the egg is released or can it be a day or two after the egg is released?

We are trying to time it just right but also we are really tired and I wouldn’t mind if the pressure of having to BD was off tonight. We have been doing it a lot lately. Daylight savings has throw my schedule off and I’m tired today at work. However if I haven’t likely released an egg yet than I want to make sure to do it tonight.

All thoughts and opinions are welcome!!

Today’s LH

Yesterday’s LH