It's MY baby!

But my sister in law takes pics of her and her children with my baby boy, everytime she sees him and then posts it on facebook. There are more photos of my son on her facebook profile than mine. Not that I dont take hundreds of photos of him, I just dont post all of them on facebook. I dont get out a lot so I dont wear makeup and the pics I takewith my son are just for our own personal collection. There are days when I do actually do my hair and makeup, but no one takes pics of me with my son on those days... it just makes me sad when I open facebook and see family pics of my baby with my sister in law and her kids, it looks like he's her baby! The only time I get out is when we visit my inlaws and then they take photos of themselves with my son but none of me... Do other moms also get annoyed with other people taking pics with your babies like its theirs?

Thanks for everyone ones comments... If I get a chance to put on some eyebrows and mascara today after doing all my mom and house chores.... I might take some selfies lol....

Thankfully my sister in law is immigrating with her family so my fiance will just have to learn how to us a phone camera.