College student as well

I just wanted to know if some of you December moms are doing the same thing? When we found out we were due in dec we were thrilled but it wasn't until I had to register for classes that I realized I'm going to be delivering around finals. I'm due the 12th and that's usually around finals week. So then I thought ok I'll just have to miss a semester. Then I realized that spring starts mid January and I'll have a newborn around. And God bless my boyfriend but he will not be able to handle her on his own after working all day and have a 3 year old around. So I have to miss a whole year. Which sucks because I started college late in the game and would like to get my degree as soon as possible. And with my major the majority of my classes are physical classes and hands on training. So I'm hoping I won't have to delay 2 years. I'm 24 and don't want to be going to school in my 30's. Not that that's bad or anything it's just not for me