Husband leaves pee drops on floor!

Sarah • Wife, Momma to my Nora and new son Luca.

Well it’s exactly as the title says. And of course I’m being the nag of a wife. I’ve mentioned to him before please don’t leave pee drops on bathroom floor. I accidentally step in/on them when I go to the bathroom then crawl into bed (gross! 🤢) He says he doesn’t mean too he just “shakes” after going. Can’t he give it a dab with toilet paper real quick? Hmm?

I just mopped the bathroom today and I go to pee before bed after him and low and behold 3 fresh droplets of pee!!! Grrrr. Look I’m pregnant with our 2nd baby so maybe I’m a little hormonal but I asked nicely before numerous times. But after I mopped it and then i saw it there, I got soo frustrated.