Ladies, my husband and I have been TTC 13 months. I had a miscarriage this past February but no positives since then. I started my first round of clomid this past month and took it cycle day 5-9. I wasn’t going to take OPK’s because I didn’t want to stress myself out. Well curiosity got the best of my on cycle day 15 and it was fairly dark so it looked like I was getting there. So I decided to test again in the following days to see if it was getting darker, it didn’t and it lightened up and it just kind of stayed the same. I didn’t want to stress myself anymore so I stoped taking them. Well I had my 21 say progesterone check on Monday (which was technically day 22, but he wanted to see me anyways) and I’m assuming my dr doesn’t think I ovulated? He didn’t come out and say that but he emailed my patient portal and told me next month he is bumping me up from 50 mg of clomid to 100mg. BUT I was wondering if anyone has ovulated like super early on clomid like while you are taking the pills or as soon as you finish them? I’m asking because while I was taking the pills/ right as I finished them I was EXTREMELY wet, like I never have been before but I just thought it was a side effect. Then on Monday I had pinch like cramping in my Ovaries all day and then today I had extremely light pinkish/brown discharge almost like implantation bleeding. So I guess my question is is it possible that I am pregnant and my levels weren’t were he wanted them to be because I ovulated early? Or should I accept that I’m on to the next dosage? Has anyone had this happen to them before? Success stories or any advice/info at all would be greatly appreciated!! Picture below is of OPK’s! Not a good picture of the first OPK but it was way darker than all the others in person.