Threatened Miscarriage

Hi ladies,

I’m a little nervous but at the beginning of this week (Monday) I began to bleed. The Friday before we had our first prenatal check up. Baby was measuring fine and heartbeat was strong.

Back to Monday, Monday morning around 10:30am I was doing work on my laptop and felt a trickle. I ran to the bathroom and discovered I was bleeding. Called my doctor and they saw my immediately.

When my doctor checked me, my cervix was closed and the heartbeat was strong he couldn’t find the reason why I was bleeding. So medically he had to label it as a “threaten miscarriage”

Now two days later I have light brown spotting figuring it is old blood (my dr told me it would last 4-5 days)

I got back for a follow up this Friday.

Has anyone experienced this? Please let me know.