Is sex a big deal to you in a relationship?

Do you feel like sex is a big part of a relationship? Having that intimacy and feeling desirable to my partner is very important to me and that’s been lacking ever since I got pregnant. My son was totally planned, so I don’t understand the sudden distance. Sex made me feel so close to my boyfriend before and we are hardly intimate in even the most innocent of ways anymore either. I’m just hurting. I feel undesirable, I don’t feel like I’m enough for him anymore. I don’t get why things changed during my pregnancy. I keep blaming it on my body changing so much and him not being as attracted to me.

I’ve talked to him about it so many times, even broke down in front of him so many times. He swears he loves me just as much, and even more than he did before... but it doesn’t feel like it. My heart aches every single day. He’s an AMAZING father and that’s what matters more than anything, but I miss how things used to be.

Am I silly for making it such a big deal? Or is this a big deal to you in your relationships too?

We barely even kiss as much as we used to, or hold hands, let alone have sex or do anything that could lead up to it..our son is 9 months old now and nothing has changed between us.