Sooo due the 28th


But little man came on the 7th! Water broke at 4:45pm(felt like a waterballoon burst in my crotch)contractions started at 5. Called my dr office and asked if i should wait a bit or head straight to hospital. They told me to go right in. First kid water broke at 11pm and she was born at 940am so i figured i was good for a while. I was wrong. Head over to my moms house for a bit contractions are 3min apart and intolerable so i tell my hisband we gotta go. NOW. Drivin to the hospital im dying on the car, every bump hurts like a mofo. Get to hospital and they wheel me upstairs while husband parks the car and im telling the nurse between gritted teeth epidural! And shes like ok lets check you first and im already dilated to 7cm! Holyshit i was NOT expecting that! Wheel me to delivery room and im "breathing through" contractions and they finally get the epidural in my back when i yell at em i gotta push!!!! They roll me over, i open my legs and push through 2 contractions feeling EVERYTHING!! epidural had no time to kick in! Friggin sucked. Got to hospital at 7 and he was out at 728. But hey i lived and my not so little guy is here! 8lbs 20.5in