Bleeding again

K • After 3.5 years, 6 IUIs, 2 rounds of IVF, & a ruptured ectopic among other things we are FINALLY pregnant. ❤️💜💛💚💙
I am 7 weeks today ... About a week and a half ago I started bleeding bright red but it was light... I called my dr office and they said if it wasn't that heavy that it was okay and the fact that it was red just means new blood... I continued to spot almost daily usually dark dark red to brown. I had my first early ultrasound on Monday (at 6w4d) and all looked good except I measures at 6w 1d. I was out and about today and started bleeding again... This time it was more and is a light to medium period. I am also cramping. There is no one at the office to do an ultrasound any more today so I have to wait til tomorrow. I am so nervous because we have been trying do so, so, so very long. Has anyone had bleeding like this and had an okay pregnancy? I am worried