Newborn coparenting nightmare


The backstory is too long to tell but long story short my husband and i are separated, soon to divorce and i just had my baby girl 2 weeks ago. He is currently living with his mother who does foster care and she does a lot of yelling. And he told me a few months ago that she began drinking and a lot, would wake up drinking and drink late at night. I told him those are concerns when it comes to him taking her for visits. He tried defending her, even though those are 2 things he himself would complain about. But now that were on bad terms hes trying to make me out to be petty because she sarcastically told a family member of mine that she wants to keep the baby but i said its too loud. Mind you she hasnt called to check on me or the baby since i left the hospital almost 3 weeks ago. She feels some type of way because i dont like their ways of doing things and because i dont accept her son being a deadbeat an wont accept him back after having an affair. I want my baby to have a relationship with them but he hasnt helped me with anything other than buying a couple packs of diapers and onesies. He left me on a lease we had together on our house and hasnt paid one bill or gave me money the whole 9 months of my pregnancy. He comes and visits with her but still seems to think hes not obligated to help with anything. And his mom never offered to help and she knew the whole situation. My parents have been helping me pay for bills which is something ive never had to have them do. But really my question is at how many months should i let her leave for visits with him with my concerns?