Just found out im pregnant

Hello everyone,

So my husband and i unfortunately went through an infant loss in 2016, our first angel baby girl.

After that loss we thankfully now have an 8 month old precious little boy.

My husband isnt home and i was supposed to get my period today, but i had a feeling i was pregnant because first signs of pregnancy for me has always been extra fatigue. For the last week i have been sleeping with my 8 month old during his naps. So i decided id take a test just to get it off my chest, and turns out i am pregnant.

Anyways, im definitely happy about it, all i am praying and hoping for is a happy and healthy baby. This time though i took the test on my own and i want to surprise my husband in a different way. I thought of getting a tshirt for my 8 month old that says big bro, but was wondering if you guys had any other suggestions??

Until i figure this out im not gonna tell him and gonna “joke” that im on my period so he doesnt clue in.

My heart is about to pop out of my chest, and it doesnt help that i havent told anyone yet, so i decided id write on here.

Thanks to everyone in advance!