What would you do?! Help!!!

My boyfriend and I barely started dating. I’m 16 and he’s 19. We’d been best friends on Facebook for years. I’d tell him anything and everything and he’d tell me everything as well. He was in a really abusive relationship but he ended that and finally we agreed to meet in person. When we met we hit it off right away and time passed way too fast. After that we started talking romantically. About a week ago he asked me out and today we made it Facebook official. Unfortunately his ex messaged him right away and I’m at a loss. He sent me the screenshots of their conversation She’s 21.

I don’t know if she really is pregnant or is just saying that because she knows we’re dating. But that’s so fucked. I’m also kind of shocked by his answer. Should I continue to be the supportive gf or should I dump him and move on? He’s heartbroken that he’s gona lose his baby, but he refuses to be with someone like her. I don’t know what to tell him or how to handle this! Help!