There’s no spark anymore😭


So me and my husband have been married for two months tomorrow, and like a few weeks after the wedding we seriously just have no spark. There’s barely any sex anymore, maybe once every other week, and we don’t talk at all about things like we used to, he barely texts me when he’s on breaks at work and he gets them every three hours for an hour, and he’s always on his phone and if I’m on mine he gets mad and says I don’t show him any attention or anything. We fight a lot and I hate it because my parents wasn’t like that through my growing up as a child. They were and still are like they are on their honeymoon. and he doesn’t really show affection anymore, and if he does it’s usually when he’s horny, and I’m never in the mood, and I’m not the type to flip a switch and wanna do things. I get so frustrated that we don’t click anymore and he doesn’t get that and see it and he gets mad at me if I’m in a mood because I just get so down about it. I’ve tried to talk to him and he has said he’d change but he doesn’t. I just want what my parents have. I just want to be treated like I’m loved. Yes he does things around the house, but only when I ask and he gets upset and says i never let him just sit down. And that’s all he does when he gets home from work, and plays his video games. I’m just so tired of it. And it’s only been two months! He says all I do is sit down but he doesn’t understand is I work two jobs, I come home and clean, do dishes and laundry, then I watch a show for about an hour and then I cook supper and get him all settled in and taken care of when he gets home. I bust my butt off for him and all he does is say I just sit down. I’m so tired of it already, and I honestly have kinda lost feelings for him in a way with how everything has been. And I feel awful about it! I love him so much, but I just don’t have strong feelings like I used to.