Yeast infection 😩

Dakota • 23. Married. 08/10/18 ❤️ Momma to Milo. 05/15/19.

At my Pap smear my doctor told me I had a yeast infection.... she said it would probably clear up on its own since I had no symptoms. That was 7 weeks ago. I’m now reaaaally feeling yeast infection symptoms. I have an appointment for the 27th for my 16 week ultrasound and trying to hold out until then to talk to her about medicine for it because they don’t have any availability for me to be seen before that but it’s killing me. Any tips on what I can do to help the itching?? Or natural and pregnancy safe ways to help it clear up?

Also, when I wiped today there was a little streak of blood down there that I am hoping is related (maybe accidentally wiped to rough... I might have been trying to help subside my itchiness, oops...) because google said it could be?