So nervous


I’m so freakin nervous... this is my first pregnancy and I’m like terrified of a missed miscarriage... I seriously don’t know if I even have Symptoms, I’m not anymore tired then normal, I did have sore boobs in the beginning and now I feel like they don’t hurt anymore... the only time I notice their a bit tender is when I take my bra off after work, or of me and my hubby are fooling around and he’s a little to hard with them... sometimes I feel like I could be nauseous but sometimes I think it’s in my head. I go see my OB on Thursday and hopefully I will get to hear and see a heart beat, I had an ultra sound when I was 7 weeks and 4 days and the tech never said anything about a heart.... I’m 10 weeks now I’ll be almost 11 weeks when I see my OB so here’s hoping.

I would like to hear peoples experience when they had a mmc, when it happened etc.