Implantation or my ding dang period


Ok! So I’m panicking a little. I had a baby boy 11/29/2017 and ever since I have had a very regular period. Im type 1 diabetic as well. I had my period on 11/06/2018 - 11/11/2018 and then 6 days later on 11/17/2018 I started my period again....except this period was super light, no clotting. And lasted for 7 days. I puked once with no nausea at all. I felt fine before and after I tossed my cookies. I have googled my ass off and I’m still a bit confused. Lol I am not on BC and didn’t go on after my son was born. And of course I’ve been having sex which is why I’m posing this question. I know I may sound stupid but will anyone of you ladies please help me clarify