Exclusively Breastfeeding is hard!


I have tried to EBF my little boy this time around but it is incredibly hard. He is in the 1% when it comes to his weight and I am extremely concerned for his health. I have taken EVERYTHING I can find to increase my milk supply. I make barely enough to feed him. I have tried pumping and only make 1.5 oz combined. I am trying this so I can monitor his intake but I cant make enough to even do this. Yesterday I pumped 79 ml all day. I drink water, take legendary products and mamas milk tea. Yes he has wet and dirty dippers but he isnt putting on enough weight and I am so concerned. I think for my sanity I'm going to bf and formula feed like I did with my first. My WILL and WANT to ebf isnt as important as my sons NEED to gain weight and thrive. I feel defeated but my babys health is priority.