Molar pregnancy?


One week ago I went for my first u/s. According to my lmp I should have been 9 weeks exactly. There was a yolk sac but could not detect a heartbeat. She thought maybe I wasn't as far along as we thought. I went back today, one week later and there was a heartbeat (120bpm). I was shocked. But then she started talking about tissue up above the embryo which could be the placenta but that it had blood flow through it that she could see pulsing and the embryo didn't have the perfect "bean" shape. She mentioned being concerned about a molar pregnancy but needed to see high risk OB where they have much better u/s. She did mention that the baby could just be really close to the placenta and everything is hard to visualize. I'm just feeling so confused and scared that I'm losing the baby we tried to have for 1 1/2 years. Has anyone had a similar experience?