Blinding fellow drivers

Endillion • 32. Mother x2. RN. Pagan.

We were talking about how some people like to drive closely behind others with their brights on, blinding the person driving in front of them. We went on to talk about all the different ways we've heard to alleviate the problem if you can even do that. The most "popular" were to:

1. Tilt your mirrors and try to reflect their high beams back into their windshield.

2. Throw something out your windows. The idea being the speed will send whatever you're throwing into their windshield. Most people said a liquid or something small like a penny or handful of cotton balls/trash. Dangerous, yes. This was just what most people stated they'd heard of.

3. Tap your breaks/slow down to an annoyingly slow speed.

There was other options. One guy said he shined a huge fashlight over his shoulder into the rear car. Another one said on slower roads he literally will open his trunk lid, which flies open but is empty, and people immediately back off. One guy said that basically he was a tail gater and he thinks everyone should just speed up if he's close enough to blind them. (These were all older men who think they're bad asses but thats besides the point 🙄)

Do you do one of these when it happens to you or do you do something else?

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