How do you get ready in the morning?


This may sound silly, but it is one of my biggest worries about going back to work at the start of January. I work in an office as an apparel designer, and while I don’t need to wear a suit everyday, I do need to look put together (hair, makeup, outfit, etc).

I will have to drop off at daycare around 7:30am in order to get my oldest to school at 8am, so I am guessing they will need to wake up around 6:15-6:30 to make that happen. I will need to breastfeed my son in that time too. My son (currently 10 weeks old) is understandably less predictable in his sleeping and I am worried that getting myself ready may be an issue. My husband leaves for work at 4am so I almost feel like I need to get ready before he leaves just incase I could use his help with the baby..

I’m probably overthinking this but I could really use some tips.