Upset with OPKs

Was initially supposed to ovulate on Sat, 12/8. Then yesterday, got a positive OPK. Got really excited. Then subsequent OPKs we're negative and today's are blazing positive.

Reason I'm upset - SO currently out of town, could only BD between last Sat and Sun. I got so excited when it seemed like my ovulation would be sooner, as our chance would be much higher. But now it looks like it was a false positive and we're back to ovulating like a week after intercourse, therefore no chance of conception. Sucks. :( Won't have the chance to try for another few months at least. I hate how I got my hopes up for nothing.

Top five are yesterday, bottom two are today. The second from the top was yesterday's positive. The rest are clearly negative.

So upset with it. If I ovulate today, we'd in the 3-5 day sperm survival window. But I think if I ovulate tomorrow and beyond, it's not possible. Won't be able to try for another few months at least. Sucks. Got all excited for nothing.