Cramps at 34 weeks 😖

Melissa • Mommy of one beautiful little girl, with a second little princess on the way! #girlmom


I’m 34 weeks and 4 days.. and I have been experiencing some major period like cramps in my lower stomach and lower back. I don’t get any tightening or contractions, just the aching.

- I drink a TON of water, about 4 bottles a day not including the water in other beverages and food.

- I have begun using a stability ball.

- I go on nightly walks around the neighborhood.

I have been told to try rubbing ylang ylang and frankincense oils on my lower stomach. I think I’m also going to try a warm bath with lavender Epsom salt. I haven’t taken a bath all pregnancy because I’ve been afraid of cooking the baby 😂, but at this point I think she’ll be fine.