am i being a bad person??


hey sisters!! alright so i just wanted some advice on something💝 My high school Tolo is coming up (where the girls ask the guys to the dance) and a lot of my friends are telling me to ask this one guy(let’s call him max). max is really great and super chill, but my ex best friend use to have a crush on him last year. BUT my ex best friend became my ex bff because she ended up dating this other guy (it started in grade 8 and now we’re freshman) and started being a complete ass hole to me and our friend group. she talked shit about me, and constantly told me how much better her boyfriend was then her friends. then over the summer and the start of the school year, we stopped talking and haven’t talked since, and im pretty sure she knows our friendship was over. Now my ex bff and her boyfriend are still together and going to tolo togther. So would it be wrong if i went to tolo with max?? and what if we end up being friends again(even though i doubt it would happen but you never know)? I’d love to hear all your opinion and advise💓💓💓