I think she dropped 🤭😂

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Last night was weird. After feeling a weird popping sensation in my cervix and seeing more of my mucus plug, I’m convinced this baby dropped last night. At one point in the night, it felt like I peed myself a little or something, but I can’t really figure out if it was real or in a dream 😂 does anyone else have nights where that happens? Like sometimes I feel like it’s just a dream. I would have nights where it felt like I was having contractions, but can never remember if it was real or just a dream. My bump looks smaller today and I feel like I can breathe. But I also carry more in the back than in the front so my bump has always been “smaller”. Plus I carried low since the beginning so it doesn’t look too much different. I get checked on Tuesday so hopefully we’re getting somewhere 😂

I’m 35 weeks