Did any of you guys have bad anxiety/anxiety attacks while pregnant and how did you cope? What did you do to make it better?


I am currently 8 weeks 2 days along (1st baby) and before being pregnant I’ve had anxiety for years, but the second I found out a I was pregnant it got so much worse and it’s taking over my life completely, I have anxiety attacks almost every day, sometimes multiple times a days triggered by thoughts/worries of miscarriage/my baby not being normal and I try so hard to talk myself down from them but I haven’t been able to find an effective way to stop the anxiety attacks, I haven’t had my first appointment yet, it isn’t until January 7th and I’m so terrified I’m going to go and they’ll tell me the baby doesn’t have a heartbeat or something is wrong, I try to think positive and focus on the fun things like names, gender reveal etc but then I always end up thinking I shouldn’t let myself get excited bc what if something is wrong, this is so draining, PLEASE any advice