Bf says I can’t join bumble

So recently I lost my friends. We all just had a falling out blah blah blah

Long story short I feel really lonely.

Like I’m on winter break and whenever my boyfriends busy (he works full time) I just get really bored and I feel kinda isolated.

The few friends I do have are usually busy when I’m free and vice versa.

So I brought up to my bf that I wanna join bumble BFF. So I could have a friend and get to know someone again. And maybe even make a best friend who knows lol I just wanted to try it.

And he started saying how it’s weird and he doesn’t want me on there.

And I love my boyfriend a lot and the amount of respect I have for him is what makes me listen to him. He always comes from a good place and has my best interest in mind. But when I asked him about bumble bff it felt like he thought I was trying to online date. Which id never jeopardize our relationship like that and he knows that.

So I just wanna know, should I join the app and not tell him. Or should I just not join at all and do things alone.

Oh also he doesn’t have an issue w meeting people from the internet like him and I literally met on tinder so I just don’t understand his point of view and when I ask for him to explain it he just says he thinks it’s weird to make friends like that.