Genetic testing

I'm now 25 weeks, and I live in Canada so the initial testing is covered, we talked about it and as a couple decided that we do not have the resources to deal with a severely disabled child and if we could we would prevent bringing one into the world. I mentioned it in passing to my friend and father both reaffirmed our desicion.

Then I casually said to my coworker, "yeah we just had the genetic screening and it was all clear so that's great" to which he replied "oh, we didn't do that we figured we'd love our child no matter what, I have a cousin with downsyndrome" aaand it hit me, what I see as routine health screening for the purpose of terminating a severely "flawed" fetus, is actually a really casual forum of eugenics.

I should say I don't believe disabled people can't lead fulfilling lives and be part of loving families, but as I don't believe a fetus is a baby and I believe in a mother's choice I wouldn't start off like that, I'd deal with it and love my child if that's who they were but wouldn't choose to birth a child who would only live for a few weeks/years or who would require more resources than I could provide (not talking specifically about downsyndrome but everything they screen for)

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