DH crazy ex telling everybody that I stole her man


(Long post,sorry)

Here's the background. The summer before my husband and I got BACK together (will be important later),he was "friends" with a girl he really liked (I was 17 at time and she was 20-21),but they were not in a relationship. In fact, because she knew he liked her, she used that to her advantage and had him drive her everywhere,to work and to other guys houses- and never offered to pay gas,had him pay for her food,and would call him in the middle of the night complaining about how a guy would treat her,to which he always told her to just leave,and she would go right back to whatever guy she was with only to call my DH and complain again to him.

He and I had dated once a few years before but had remained good friends,and he knew I was still madly in love with him. So he asked me out to lunch one day for advice on her,and obviously I told him he deserved much better. I had a bf at the time,so it never went further than that. Skip several months later to Christmas,my bf had broken up with me and I told my DH about it,to which he then proceeded to invite me to his station Christmas party,and when he dropped me off he asked for another chance to be with me. Of course I said yes,and we've been together ever since.

While we were engaged,she tried to tell him she wanted him back,to which he responded with "what is there to go back to with you?". She got ticked off and said he had changed,in my opinion for the better. We then get married and on our wedding day she told our mutual friend,who was one of our groomsmen, that our marriage wouldn't last because as soon as I turned 21 I would want to go party with my girls and would want my freedom

- which is literally the farthest thing from the truth,I don't drink at all and am a homebody and have been since I was little. Fast forward 4 years to a few nights ago,another mutual friend of ours had her bachelorette party and we were both there. I acted as much like an adult as I could and tried to make small talk with her,to which she replied with very short and snobby answers. All the rest of the night she blew up my husbands friends phone( the groomsmen from the wedding) about how she's over my DH,but then proceeds to complain about how I STOLE "her man" from her,and that I was extremely rude to walk up and talk to her like I knew her without even introducing myself. Now,in two days,my DH and I will both be at the wedding where she will also be. My DH is livid about how she acted towards me and what she said,and wants to set her straight once and for all.

Should I tell her off as well,not at the wedding but away from it so we don't start drama,or should I just ignore her and let my DH deal with her?? I know I didn't "steal" him from her because 1) I knew and dated him roughly 6 months before she ever met him, 2) I can't steal something away from her that was never hers anyway, and 3) I didn't have to steal him,HE chose to be with me rather than pointlessly chase her because he could clearly see my love for him was genuine whereas hers was selfish and superficial and not truly love.

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