Need Serious Advice!!

So exactly a year ago I decided to cut all contracts with my family and I mean all due to all the drama my mother and my sister were putting me thru. So instead I just focused on my husband, son and new baby that I was about to welcome!!! God honest reason why I cut all contact is because my mother decided to threaten that she will call authorities on behalf of my two year old. Why??! Well I decided not to attend my brothers bday that night due to moving and being exhausted and she didn’t like it. My crazy sister also spilled the beans that I’ll be quitting working for my mother. Which I was going to give her two weeks notice but my sister likes to do these things out of spite. So cool then my mother called and threatened me and my husband. I have still voice mail where she threatened my husband with cops if he didn’t call her right back. So after that I said I had enough. I don’t smoke, drink, or go out partying I’m just mom raising babies. Well I’ve been married 8 years and my mother hates that I converted to my religion and she blames it all my husband. No matter how many times you say it she won’t listen. It’s always my husbands fault. Well for a year they have harassed me with texts and yes I kept them all and no I didn’t respond to any. Well just one where I told my mother to leave us alone and I’m not interested in making up. ( when she threatened my husband, he politely called her back and she wanted to meet him. He said we have nothing to hide and he went. They talked five hours. She claimed I was dirty, lazy and so much more. What she was hoping to have after that conversation?) When he came home he told me everything and yes I was angry but I said okay and continue to focus on my life. They harassment continued. They didn’t stop. I gave birth in July and I have zero social media and my new address was never updated in the post office or license. Somehow they showed up. How they knew??? Well come to this day to find one of the nurses revealed it. So why am I saying this all?? Well last week my crazy sister showed up and my mother. I told them I’ve had enough and they all dead to me and just leave us alone. Well now tonight she showed up at my best friends house and told her how because I lost weight (my choice to loose weight because i want healthy lifestyle). she thinks my house isn’t safe environment due to loosing weight and my husband is keeping me hostage (according to her assumptions). What!? We don’t speak and threatened again to call cops on us!!! She keeps telling everyone I’m forced into my religion and I have no friend. Which is insanity!!!! I’ve had enough lm about to call an attorney and make this stop. She keeps crossing a line and won’t stop.