Feeling so dumb


So I’m feeling kinda stupid. The last 2-3 weeks of my pregnancy I have been having this AWFUL right upper burning aching pain basically constantly but just assumed it was stretching. Starting around the same time my fatigue sky rocketed out of no where. I assumed maybe he was having a growth spurt so my abdomen was stretching more and my body was working more making me tired and in pain.

But then also with that (which has gotten worse this week) I’ve been so ITCHY. It started just on my belly (so automatically assumed stretching) but then this last week it’s all over. Like I struggle falling asleep cause my whole body just itches my stomach (where that upper abdomen pain is) is easily the most itchy of everything, followed by my foot.

Now I know a lot about pregnancy issues that can occur because I was initially a major in medicine focused on prenatal so I remember a lot. And I feel so DUMB for just now thinking this could all be Cholestasis 🙃

Anyone else have it? Do these sound like the symptoms/your experience to you? I have a dr appointment in 2 days so I’m hoping to mention it then but I just feel so foolish to have not thought of it before 🤷🏽‍♀️ I know this could all still be nothing but I worry