Lost and confused????

So, I started to notice this on New Year’s Day well when it struck midnight, me and my husband were watching the New York Times Square ball drop on the tv at home and when it dropped everyone was saying happy New Years giving their loved ones that New Years kiss, and I look at my husband and said happy New Years and nothing, he didn’t say it back, he didn’t even kiss me, so it made me emotional but I didn’t say anything, cus maybe he was tired maybe he will give me that kiss in the morning, but get this, that same night he wanted me to give him a handjob because I was on my period(sorry if tmi) When morning came still no kiss and no happy new year, I feel stupid for even making it a big deal but seeing all these people on tv made me depressed so later on that night (my period ended that morning) we got intimate, but he still wouldn’t kiss me, no I didn’t try or anything but he usually does during so it was weird, and today he’s leaving for work and he saying bye and gives our 10 month old daughter a kiss and was about to walk down the stairs, and I asked what about mine, and he says “I gave one to our daughter”, I’m like ya but me, and he says if he goes back over to me our daughter is gonna get grouchy because he’s leaving I told him she will be fine and that he is hurting my feelings and finally he came back but with attitude and just quickly pecked me on the lips and left. I wanna tell him how I feel and ask him what’s is going on but I don’t know how to and don’t know how to say it not in a wrong way, but I am hurting over it.