Can’t orgasm 😩

Okay, so I searched this topic and got kinda scared to post anything because some of the women were saying that faking orgasms was a horrible thing to do to your partner and it’s lying and deceiving 😦 NOT MY INTENTION so hear me out!

I LOVE MY HUSBAND! He’s incredibly sexy and charming and he is AMAZING in bed. I’ve been with others before him but I’ve faked my orgasms since I first started having sex many years ago. I just can’t seem to get it from penetration alone. In high school, I’d be able to get myself off alone but never with someone else.

Now, my husband, like I said, 10/10 toe curling, goosebumps, eye rolling amazing in bed. I’ve been SO incredibly close but never all the way there. It feels really good even without me finishing but I’d love to be able to truly have one and my husband deserves it 😩. He always asks me if I came and I just say of course. I know once he felt me actually cum, he’d know the difference lmao but I just feel so bad. I’m not trying to hurt him, it’s actually the opposite! He makes me feel good so I want him to know that but I’d love to finish with him too, especially cause I know he’d be completely mind blown 😂.

I don’t know if maybe there’s some positions to try or something we should do different cause it is a little more difficult and tedious for me to sometimes he will reach around and that definitely helps so should I continue that? Experience and advice please!

Sorry for the lengthy post ladies, thank you so much!