Does it sound like my mom has an eating disorder?

So I’m really unsure. She does this intermittent fasting so only eats from 12-7. She counts all her calories, will not go anywhere without her scale, only eats salads with chicken or tuna and drinks like 5-6 teas a day. She won’t eat meals with us anymore or go out for dinner. Literally just the salads. I mean salad isn’t bad but is it healthy to eat that and only that all the time? It seems unheathly to me. She is constantly bragging about this weight loss ;25 lbs in 6 months) and how my aunts and stuff are so fat. She wants to loose another 20 lbs and she already looks frail. She’s loosing weight but I feel like she’s also loosing muscle too because she diesnt work out. She eats 1000 calories per day is what she told me. What do you guys think?

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