Again 😰


So my LO will be a year old on February 20th and I got a positive pregnancy test yesterday! We were not expecting this, wanted to wait a couple of years because this will be our last baby. I thought I had time and now I feel rushed and I’m freaking out because I’m not ready for a 4th child. I’m scared, I’m nervous, I’m shocked. I was keeping track on glow to make sure this wouldn’t happen and it did. I know I can’t change it now but I have never had kids so close together in age and that’s what is making me so nervous, plus we have 3 boys and I’m nervous we will get another boy. We want a girl so bad and we are done after this baby. I’m going to love this baby no matter what, just the thought. I’m praying and wishing for a girl. This is stuff that would of happened when we tried for another, what my husband said 😂 just a lot going through my mind. I know I need to be happy, which I am. Just still in shock.