I really need someone that can relate

Ok I was talking to a guy for 10 months. He could never make it official with me and made up every excuse ever to not make it official.

Well he struggled bad but I was so demanding, he didn’t want to lose me but he didn’t want to commit to me. He fought his own battle with it but he was afraid to hurt me. So he tried and tried to find it in himself to be with me as a couple.

We had it rough together but we are GREAT friends. So I made the decision for us to let each other go and move on. It was killing him more then he was hurting me .. I was sad a lot because I wanted him sooo bad to be mine but he just couldn’t. In other words he knew I wasn’t his one and didn’t want to hurt me and waste time.

This truly happened. Like he knew he couldn’t love me but he loved everything about me. He would say stuff like “I hope I find a girl like you one day” he never included me in his future. He made up so many excuses. I called him out on all the excuses. He finally gave up on trying to let me down softly. He didn’t have to say anything more I just knew.

But anyways I am very sad words replay in my head over and over again and my heart hurts. Time need to work it’s magical ASAP