Can I do this?

I just had my baby boy & he is perfect. My husband is so excited. & so am I. I had to have him via csection so I am in some pain & discomfort.

I am trying to exclusively breastfeed & have been for the past 3 days while in hospital. I am exhausted. He’s been going through cluster feedings at night & in three days I have slept for 40 minutes total. I’m nipples are killing me, I’ve seen the lactation consultant and taking the classes in hospital. But I am just so tired & I cannot stop crying, I feel like a failure for already wanting to turn to formula, but I am so defeated. I sound like a complainer & a whimp, but I am another level of exhausted & a bit sad. Am I cut out for this? Am I going to screw things up? Am I stupid for considering formula? So overwhelmed.