Weight loss help!!


So like many other people, I decided to start my weight loss journey on the 1st of January. I haven’t been doing much to lose my weight considering I’m always super busy. I have been doin little workout for about 10 minutes a day. I have also been eating fairly healthy. Some nights I’ll have protein and veggies or something like that. It’s been pretty healthy and I understand that I’m only a week in, but I’ve been watching the scale and I did lose 5 pounds my first 5 days. These last 2 I have seemed to gain almost all of it back and I have been even more active and eating healthy still. Yesterday I worked out 3 different times. Once when I woke up, once in the afternoon and then we had a pretty intense workout at my softball practice. I am so stumped as to why I have gained it all back???? Any thoughts?

*Picture for attention*