Baby Girl is here 01/07/19!!!


I have loved reading everyone’s birth stories the entire time I was pregnant so I definitely wanted to contribute my own experience.

My baby was born on 01/07/19 at 4:45pm

The night before at 8pm, husband and I head to the hospital to start induction (41 weeks). They set me up with Cervadil from 9pm to 5:30am. It wasn’t the most pleasant night because we were a bundle of nerves and they kept checking my vitals every few hours.

At 5:30 they took the Cervadil out and at 6 started Pitocin.

At first, the contractions were not that bad- tolerable and few and far between. At around 6:30 my doctor came in for a cervical check and ruptured my water. After that, it was quite literally the most horrendous pain I’ve ever experienced. They increased the Pitocin and the contractions were coming every 30 seconds. I barely got a break. I was only 2cm when I asked for the epidural. 2.5 hours of hell later, I finally had my epidural and was floating in euphoria. My anesthesiologist was amazing and the entire process took about 15 minutes and contractions died down very soon after that.

From there, everything progressed very smoothly. I dilated to a 6 by 11:45am using the peanut ball, and then at 2:30pm I was at a 9cm and baby was at station 0

I slept for about an hour at at 3:30pm felt I needed to push. When they checked me, they barely put their fingers in before feeling baby.

I did 3 practice pushes with my nurses before the doctor came in and I started pushing. I pushed for about 30 minutes before she came out perfect and healthy

I have a second degree tear that was stitched up nicely but besides that, the process was very textbook. I’m lucky.

I have a beautiful, healthy little girl who I’ve been dying to meet sleeping next to me!! And yes, she came out with a FULL head of hair!